Nichepractice is a marketing solution that allows doctors to brand themselves as an authority or EXPERT in a chosen niche - increasing their profitability and  differentiating  themselves from their competition.

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So, You Just Purchased Expensive Equipment for Your Practice.
Start Recouping Your Equipment Investment, Immediately!​

Your equipment gets delivered and unpacked, all set up and tested and ready to go… Now what? Sure, you know how to use it, but how does that help you get more patients and grow your practice? Many doctors often fool themselves into thinking that if they purchase the latest and greatest equipment, new customers and patients will tear down their doors to build their schedule and practice. 


One of the biggest financial decisions a doctor will ever make in his or her professional life is the investment in advanced equipment for their practice. For that reason, it is more important than ever to have a marketing strategy and financial plan of action. The fact is most doctors simply don’t have the time, resources, skills, or even interest to effectively market their equipment and practice in general. 

The nichepractice platform provides the marketing support your practice needs to get the maximum ROI for your equipment - new or used.

NichePractice provides the marketing solution and resources to assist you in attaining immediate revenue for your equipment:

  • Inform your patients of your new/existing equipment/services.

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of your service.

  • Promote special offers to generate a quick ROI.

  • Engage with existing patients and drive more revenue for your practice.

  • Get your patients on the phone and through your doors.

  • Your equipment will be more frequently utilized and not sit idle.

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